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Per Nikolaj Book has published more than 300 articles, book chapters, essays, reports etc. on a number of different topics. Most of the publications are in Danish, but there are also many publications in English. If you go to the Danish version of the site you can find a complete list of publications where you can also download most of the publications. If you are interested in journal articles in English you can find a list below. Other publications in English can be seen among the book chapters and books.

Articles in international journals

Bukh, Per Nikolaj; Kurt Klaudi Klausen, Dana Minbeava, Niels Peter Mols & Flemming Poulfelt. 2014. Outsourcing service production in the public sector: Are we adressing the right question? Danish Journal of Management & Business 78(3/4).

Sandalgaard, N. & P.N. Bukh 2014. Beyond Budgeting and change: A case study Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change.10(3):409-423.

Bukh, Per Nikolaj & Jan Mouritisen. 2014. Performance Management. Danish Journal of Management & Business 78(3/4):3-10.

Bukh, Per Nikolaj & Kjærgaard, Isa Jensen. 2012. Modernisation through benchmarking: An analysis of thre utility companies. Problems and Perspectives in Management 10(2):93-104.

Nielsen, Christian & Per Nikolaj Bukh. 2011.  What constitutes a business model: The perception of financial analysts. International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital 8(3):256-271.

Bukh, Per Nikolaj & Christian Nielsen. 2011 The Supply of and Demand for Strategic Information: A Case Study of a large Medical Device Company. Journal of Human Resource Costing and Accounting 15(1):50-77.

Sandalgaard, Niels; Per Nikolaj Bukh & Carsten Stig Poulsen. 2011. Motivational disposition and budgets: Evidence from a bankJournal of Human Resource Costing and Accounting 15(1):7-13.

Bukh, Per Nikolaj & Christian Nielsen. 2010. Understanding the health care business model:The financial analysts' point of view. Journal of Health Care Finance 37(2):8-26. 

White, Gregory; Alina Lee; Yuni Yuningsih, Christian Nielsen & Per Nikolaj Bukh. 2010. The nature and extend of voluntary intellectual capital disclosure by Australian and UK biotechnology companiesJournal of Intellectual Capital 10(4):519-536.

Chrisensen, Karina Skovvang & Per Nikolaj Bukh. 2009. Knowledge Management in perspectices: An analysis of project management in two companies. International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies 3(2/3):313-330.

Bukh. Per Nikolaj & Kjærgaard, Isa Jensen. 2008. Intellectual capital statements in the Danish utility sector: Enactment of controlJournal of Human Resource Costing and Accounting, 12(3):148-178.

Bukh, Per Nikolaj, Jan Mouritsen, Christian Nielsen & Peter Gormsen. 2006. Intellectual capital reports on their way to the stock exchange? A comparison of IPO prospectures and new reporting forms: Analyzing new reporting formsJournal of Intellectual Capital. 17(2):221-240 

Bukh, Per Nikolaj, Christian Nielsen, Jan Mouritsen & Peter Gormsen. 2006. Disclosure of Information on Intellectual Capital indicators in Danish IPO ProspectusesAccounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal18(6):713-732.

Mouritsen, Jan; Per Nikolaj Bukh & Heine K. Bang. 2005. Understanding Intellectual Capital in an Innovative Medium-sized Firm: The Case of Maxon. Australian Accounting Review 15(2):31-39.

Mouritsen, Jan, Heine T. Larsen & Per Nikolaj Bukh. 2005. Dealing with the knowledge economy: Intellectual capital vs. Balanced ScorecardJournal of Intellectual Capital 6(1):8-27.

Mouritsen, Jan; Stefan Thorbjørnsen, Per Nikolaj Bukh & Mette Rosenkrands Johansen. 2005. Intellectual capital and the discourses of love and entrepreneurship in new public managementFinancial Accountability and Management 21(3):279-290. 

Thorbjørnson, Stefan, Jan Mouritsen, Per Nikolaj Bukh & Mette Rosenkrands Johansen. 2004. Intellectual capital and new public management: Reintroducing EnterpriseThe Learning Organization: An International Journal11(4/5):380-392.

Mouritsen, Jan, Per Nikolaj Bukh & Bernard Marr. 2004. Reporting on Intellectual capital: What, Why and how?Measuring Business Excellence 8(1):46-54.

Bukh, Per Nikolaj, Mette Rosenkrands Johansen & Jan Mouritsen. 2003. Managing by Communication: The Danish ExperinceKM Magazine 7(3).

Guthrie, James, Ulf Johansson, P. N. Bukh & P. Sánchez. 2003. Intangibles and the transparent enterprise: nev strands of knowledege. In Journal of Intellectual Capital 4(4):429-440.

Mouritsen, Jan og Per Nikolaj Bukh: 2003. Getting the measure of knowledge. In Cima Insight october 2003 (Award for merit, International Federation og Accountants, The Professional Accountant in Business Committee).

Bukh, Per Nikolaj & Ulf Johanson. 2003. Research and knowledge interactions: Guidelines for IC reporting. InJournal of Intellectual Capital 4(4):576-587.

Marr, Bernard, Per Nikolaj Bukh & Jan Mouritsen. 2003.Perceived wisdom. in Financial Management, Jul/Aug 2003 .

Bukh, Per Nikolaj, Mette Rosenkrands Johansen og Jan Mouritsen. 2002. Multiple Integrated Performance Management Systems: IC and BSC in a software company. I Singapore Management Review 24(3):21-33. (Best Paper Award, Global Business and Technology Association International Conference, Rome, June 2002.

Bukh, Per Nikolaj. 2002. The relevance of intellectual capital disclosure: a paradox?. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal 16(1):49-56.

Mouritsen, Jan, Per Nikolaj Bukh, Mette Rosenkrands Johansen & Heine T. Larsen. 2002. Developing and Managing Knowledge through Intellectual Capital StatementsJournal of Intellectual Capital 3(1):10-29.

Mouritsen, Jan, Heine T. Larsen & Per Nikolaj Bukh. 2001. Valuing the Future: Intellectual Capital Accounts at Skandia. AccountingAuditing & Accountability Journal 14(4):399-422.

Mouritsen, Jan, Heine T. Larsen & Per Nikolaj Bukh. 2001. Intellectual Capital and the 'Capable Firm': Narrating, Visualising and Numbering for Managing Knowledge.Accounting, Organisations and Society26(7):735-762.

Mouritsen, Jan, Heine T. Larsen, Per Nikolaj Bukh & Mette Rosenkrands Johansen. 2001. Reading an Intellectual Capital Statement: Describing and prescribing knowledge management strategies.Journal of Intellectual Capital 2(4):359-383. (Awarded as most Outstanding Paper in the 2001 volume).

Bukh, Per Nikolaj , Heine T. Larsen & Jan Mouritsen. 2001. Constructing intellectual capital statements.Scandinavian Journal of Management 17(1):87-108.

Nielsen, Jørn Flohr, Per Nikolaj Bukh & Niels Peter Mols. 2000. Barriers to customer-oriented control in financial servicesInternational Journal of Service Industry Management 11(3) 269-286.

Mols, Niels Peter, Per Nikolaj Bukh & David Birks 2000. Micro- and macro-segmentation of the European market for financial services. Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing 8(3):276-293.

Mols, Niels Peter, Poul H. Andersen, David Birks & Per Nikolaj Bukh. 2000. A comparative study of source loyalty in the european financial services marketJournal of Financial Services Marketing 4(3):220-231.

Larsen, Heine T., Jan Mouritsen & Per Nikolaj Bukh. 1999. Intellectual capital statements and knowledge management: Measuring, reporting and acting. Australian Accounting Review 9(3):15-26.

Mols, Niels Peter, Henrik Antvor & Per Nikolaj Bukh 1999. Stability of benefit segments in the European market for cash management services. Journal of Segmentation in Marketing.

Bukh, Per Nikolaj & Niels Peter Mols. 1999. European customers’ choice of cash management bank and bank strategiesJournal of Euromarketing 7(3):27-41.

Mols, Niels Peter, Per Nikolaj Bukh & Jørn Flohr Nielsen. 1998. Distribution Channel Strategies in Danish retail banking. International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management 27(1):37-47.

Mols, Niels Peter, Per Nikolaj Bukh & Per Blenker. 1997. European corporate customers criteria in the choice of cash management banksInternational Journal of Bank Marketing 15(6):255-263.

Genefke, Jens & Per Nikolaj Bukh. 1997. On hikers, tigers, trust and opportunismThe Academy of Management Review 22(1).